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Inpixon Backgrounder

Inpixon develops the systems and solutions that power the data-driven enterprise. With an innovative approach to big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), we blend virtual data from software and networks with the huge volume of physical data generated by mobile devices and Internet-connected things to open new worlds of insight. Our unique solutions are helping organizations worldwide improve decision making, increase productivity, and fuel the discoveries of tomorrow.

Inpixon Product Lines

  • Inpixon IPA — Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth detection, real time locationing and zone-based services. Inpixon provides mobile device security and zone-base policy controls, and also offers a software platform for mobile analytics and location-based services. Inpixon IPA is a mobile locationing system that lets 3rd party developers deliver dynamic content and device security for areas as small as three meters across. Paired with a high-performance, data analytics platform, this technology delivers visibility, security and business intelligence on any commercial or government premises worldwide.
  • Inpixon Shoom Digital Solutions — Shoom liberates publishers and advertisers from cumbersome legacy and hard-copy systems with the industry’s largest industry-wide digital solution. From automated ad delivery and invoicing to electronic publishing, Shoom products provide simple, speedy and cost-effective solutions for publishers throughout North America and beyond.

Inpixon Professional and Consulting Services
Inpixon’s professional services team delivers custom-built solutions for your most difficult and time-consuming business problems.

100 Word Profile

Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX) is the leader in Indoor Positioning and Data Analytics. Inpixon sensors are designed to find all accessible cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices anonymously. Paired with high performance, data analytics platform, this technology delivers visibility, security and business intelligence on any commercial or government premises worldwide. Inpixon’s products, infrastructure solutions, and professional services group help customers take advantage of mobile, big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors. For the latest insight on Indoor Positioning Analytics, follow Inpixon on LinkedIn and @InpixonHQ on Twitter.

Management Profiles

Management profiles for our executives are available here.

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Inpixon Materials & Collateral

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Solution Brochures
Inpixon IPA Master Brochure Main brochure for the Inpixon IPA platform Download
Inpixon IPA for Retail Properties Inpixon IPA for foot traffic and flow analysis, location-based marketing and revenue generation for malls and shopping centers Download
Inpixon IPA for Security Inpixon IPA for detection and locationing of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices for physical security and safety Download
Sensor Datasheets
Inpixon 4000SE Sensor Cellular / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth datasheet Download
Inpixon IPA An overview of Inpixon IPA Watch
White Papers
Proximity vs Positioning A comparison of Proximity vs Positioning Technology Download
Physical Cybersecurity: Securing IoT in Your Enterprise Analyzing how the Internet of Things is creating new business opportunities and opening new risks for intellectual property, customer data, and your company’s reputation. Download
Data Sheets
Physical Cyber Security — Securing the Internet of Things A fresh perspective on the IoT boom, and how to make sure your IoT security is top-notch. Download
Retail Banking Transformation How banks can tone down cost, boost revenue, mitigate risks, and delight their clientele. Download

Shoom Materials

Digital Solution Data Sheets
Digital Solutions Overview of Shoom’s Digital Solutions suite Download
eTearsheets Cloud-based advertising information and proof-of publication platform Download
eInvoice Cloud-based billing & verification system for publishers and advertisers Download
ePublication Premiere replica edition, providing reader engagement, dynamic ads, and new revenue opportunities Download

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