How to get the most out of IoT in your hospital

Published June 27th 2017 on HealthcareBusinessTech.

Over the next decade, hospitals will continue increasing their adoption of IoT devices, and see more coming through the doors. It’ll be crucial for IT leaders to identify technology solutions that enable scalable technology infrastructure, risk mitigation and management, and effective ways to draw insights from collected data. In this guest post, Soumya Das, CMO of a provider of data analytics […]

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Healthcare Beyond What Meets the Eye

AirPass EnvironmentA massive earthquake hits Las Vegas and multiple casualties are rushed to the nearest hospital. As incoming patients go through triage, doctors rapidly assess their condition and prioritize treatment. In the craziness of the emergency room, patients could be misplaced without a precise locationing system in place.


Recently, Sysorex was showcased during ACEP 2016’s InnovatED emergency simulation. The ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) annually demonstrates innovative technology […]

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The Roots of the IoT Forest

IoTForestThe Internet of Things (IoT) is on track to land a spot on 2017’s Buzzwords to Avoid, but this is a misunderstanding. The Internet of Things isn’t just about connected toasters or watches, and to cast it that way is to do it a disservice. The wonder of IoT depends on what role you play: engineers marvel at API integration, marketers gasp at the various new lines of […]

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Sysorex Announces AirPatrol for Healthcare

Company’s patented locationing system unites diverse hospital asset, equipment and staff tracking technologies together in a single management platform

HIMSS 16 Conference, LAS VEGAS – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced the debut of AirPatrol for Healthcare, a unified Real Time Location System (uRTLS) that brings multiple asset, staff and equipment tracking technologies into a single, vendor-neutral administrative platform. With AirPatrol for Healthcare, hospitals can simultaneously locate and monitor […]

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Sysorex Lands New IT Infrastructure Deal With Leading Health Care Provider

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Big data software solutions and infrastructure provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced a new IT infrastructure development engagement with a Fortune 500 health care services provider based in California. Sysorex will develop and deploy a new advanced systems architecture that will provide high availability, security and compliance for proprietary health care systems currently under development by the client. The project is worth slightly more than $500,000.

This is the second such engagement […]

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ROI in Mobile Healthcare

iPad HealthcareOne of the biggest obstacles in cybersecurity is measuring its ROI, its effectiveness, its worth. This isn’t because the value of cybersecurity is in question but because it is difficult to hypothesize what the worth of a data loss can be such as someone’s personal records. This has changed a bit now.

A hospital mentioned in Forbes saw a ROI on iPads in just […]

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