GPS for the Indoors

Inpixon products help you improve security, better manage assets and discover fresh opportunities by combining data from both the physical and digital worlds
Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA)

Inpixon IPA provides rich positional information like GPS and browser-like intelligence for the indoors. Airports, shopping malls, office buildings, and government agencies can provide greater security, gain better business intelligence, increase consumer satisfaction and reduce risk with Inpixon’s Indoor Positioning Analytics technology.

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Inpixon is the best choice for any business or government serious about greater safety, security and gaining intelligence on its premises. Inpixon’s Indoor Positioning Analytics is based on radically new sensor technology that finds all accessible cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals then uses a lightning fast data mining engine to allow for invaluable views of the data that is displayed to deliver visibility and business intelligence based on the industry.

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Shoom® eSolutions for Publishers and Advertisers

Shoom eSolutions is the publishing industry’s largest, most complete advertising management platform. Shoom’s cloud-based solutions liberate publishers and advertisers from cumbersome legacy and hard-copy systems with the industry’s most comprehensive digital solution. From automated tearsheets & advertising analysis to digital invoice & publication delivery, Shoom makes print advertising automation and management a snap.

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