Inpixon Partners with Wireless Integration Expert Genwave Technologies to Provide Commercial, Industrial, and Federal Customers with Bigger, Richer Data Stores

Partnership Nurtures Emerging Indoor Technology Market by Fusing Indoor Spaces with Location-Based Detection and Radio-Frequency Engineering Tools

PALO ALTO, Calif. Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX), a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, today announced the company’s reseller partnership with Canadian-based wireless integration specialist Genwave Technologies Inc., known for its mastery of in-building radio-frequency (RF) engineering […]

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Inpixon CMO Soumya Das: Retail Is Shifting — Not Dying

Published May 4, 2017 on GeoMarketing.

It’s simple to understand why indoor positioning can be valuable to brick-and-mortar retailers: By understanding when and how customers move about a store, brands can optimize their layout and improve marketing messages.

But Soumya Das, CMO at indoor positioning analytics provider Inpixon, believes that indoor location solutions haven’t gone far enough yet — and retailers in […]

How High Does Risk Go?

airplane phoneYears ago, the only time I unplugged from the world was while 33,000ft high. Flying was a time for making lists, pleasure reading, or even naps. Now, with most flights equipped with WiFi, it’s become a time to catch up on emails or the latest BuzzFeed articles for my kids. And, assuming the regulatory changes working their way through the FAA become a reality, we’ll soon […]

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One Giant Step For Context Aware

cell hospitalSilicon Valley has been abuzz with deciding on the “next big thing” at Bloomberg’s event for the past two days and they’ve decided on “contextually aware applications.” Well, of course it is.

The first level of context aware or context based mobility is in location – one of the hottest topics of 2013, both indoor (Apple purchase of Wi-Fi Slam) […]

When Mobile Awareness Can Fix Stupid

fix stupidThe Army and the healthcare industry have come out with reports this week that show that while they are ahead of the times in getting mobility out and in use, they might not be doing it as safely as they should. They say you can’t fix stupid, but is it true?

Take a minute to look at these facts:

  • At West Point, 31% of inspected mobile […]
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Hottest Thing in Tech? Indoor Locationing

Apple-WiFiSLAMFollowing up on my blog from Friday, Apple’s acquisition of WiFiSlam is getting a lot of attention this week. In a nutshell, WiFiSlam specializes in a technology that allows mobile apps to pinpoint users’ locations through the interaction between their smartphones and standard wifi signals – no GPS need apply. It’s rumored to be a […]

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The Fragmented World of Android

android-fragmentationFor years, Apple Mac users would say they didn’t need anti-virus protection on their computers because they “couldn’t get a virus.” Just last year, this changed and Apple tweaked their language from “doesn’t get PC viruses” to “it’s built to be safe.”

This may seem absurd, that people thought they were above a malicious act happening on their piece of technology, but this is exactly […]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Wireless Security

policyIt’s no secret, wireless technologies have become the de facto network access method for many enterprise users with smartphones and tablets leading the way as the tools of choice when it comes to collaboration and productivity. It’s essential to remember that many times the purpose of the 802.11 WLAN is to serve as a portal to the 802.3 wired network where resources reside. As […]

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Warning: Data Overload

Non-SequiturAlthough I wasn’t at CES last week, I believe I can experience the show without the hassle of airfare and hotels. There are lists-a-plenty of the Top 10 Best, Top 10 Worst, and even a four sentence summary of the event.

What hasn’t mildly surprised me: Mobility is big. Phablets are bigger. “The Internet of Things” is biggest: it will be what this year […]

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Press Release: AirPatrol Corporation Appoints Cleve Adams Chief Executive Officer

cadamsAirPatrol Corporation Appoints Cleve Adams Chief Executive Officer

Mobile and wireless security developer taps seasoned technology executive to head firm’s global operations

MarketWire Link

COLUMBIA, MD – AirPatrol Corporation, a developer of advanced mobile device security systems, today named Cleve Adams as its chief executive officer. Adams is a seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of experience leading and growing organizations in the enterprise software, network, […]

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