Bluesnarfing: The Modern-Day Security Vulnerability in a Wireless and Mobile World

Once known as the next big thing in wireless communication since the invention of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology has since gained a reputation as one of the gaping barriers in mobile and wireless device security — almost as bad as public Wi-Fi access points.

This may seem like a bum rap for Bluetooth. The advanced technology makes it possible for the visually and motion-impaired […]

Why You May Need to Rethink Your IoT Security Plan

Traditional cybersecurity methods are still, to this day, playing catch-up. The warning signs were there years ago, and the IoT (Internet of Things) is following the same path. 4,000 IoT security attacks, or around 170 per hour, breach enterprises each day. 54% of those attacks are unsolved and typically stem from poor BYOD protocols. Despite that, we’re still unconvinced. So what’s the big deal with IoT security?

Enterprise companies […]

To Stay in Business, You Need Physical Cybersecurity

Security cameras watching pedestrians: Cybersecurity

Physical cybersecurity: It’s the new hot-button topic making its way into security news feeds. So why are companies intent on ignoring the warning signs? Efforts to outsmart hackers need to adapt, and quickly.

We know cybersecurity is still under heavy containment. Why? Because security teams weren’t ready for its impact, now or in the past.

Travel back to 1988, when the Morris worm attached […]

Sysorex Adds Bluetooth Support to Its AirPatrol Mobile Device Security and Locationing Systems

Company’s ZoneDefense and ZoneAware platforms can now detect and monitor Bluetooth devices as well as cellular and WiFi

PALO Aairpatrol_logoLoc15SYRXLTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced that it has added the ability to detect and locate Bluetooth wireless devices as well as Cellular and WiFi support to its AirPatrol ZoneDefense and AirPatrol ZoneAware platforms. Bluetooth, a wireless technology used for exchanging data over […]

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Three-Minute Hack Attack Uses Cell Phone’s SIM Card

By Amy Lee | September 17, 2013

“The vulnerability is tailored to a specific device,” says Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, Chief Technology Officer at AirPatrol Corporation, a provider of wireless security based in Columbia, MD. “There’s some trial and error on the part of the hacker that would have to happen. It’s really (on) a device by device basis.”

Still, even one device is enough to endanger the security of a company’s entire network. A compromised […]

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One Giant Step For Context Aware

cell hospitalSilicon Valley has been abuzz with deciding on the “next big thing” at Bloomberg’s event for the past two days and they’ve decided on “contextually aware applications.” Well, of course it is.

The first level of context aware or context based mobility is in location – one of the hottest topics of 2013, both indoor (Apple purchase of Wi-Fi Slam) […]

Now Flying Faster, The Weakest Security Links

paper-airplaneWe know that the weakest links in security are people, the individuals that use programs, devices, etc. on a daily basis to do anything and everything. Even the savvy fall to malware, hackers, or a poorly timed mouse click.

So we protect against ourselves. We have virus protection at home, advanced firewalls and security procedures and _________ on our mobile devices and our […]

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When Mobile Awareness Can Fix Stupid

fix stupidThe Army and the healthcare industry have come out with reports this week that show that while they are ahead of the times in getting mobility out and in use, they might not be doing it as safely as they should. They say you can’t fix stupid, but is it true?

Take a minute to look at these facts:

  • At West Point, 31% of inspected mobile […]
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