The End of Permissionless Tracking

shoppingApple sent a collective shudder through location-tracking and mobile marketing companies earlier this month when it announced that its upcoming iOS 8 release will include a feature that will dynamically generate a MAC address for the device when it’s looking for, but not connected to, a WiFi network. The MAC (media access control) address is unique to every device and is broadcast as part of the scan […]

When the Jetsons Adopted the FTC

IOTlogoYesterday, I ventured into windy DC and was blown away by the presence of the Internet of Things inside a city so full of history. The FTC held a workshop with discussions from technology leaders such as Google’s VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Vint Cerf, who mentioned his original ideas of IOT during the […]

Being Spooked All Year

APHalloween2013Once a year, we thrive off of getting spooked. We dress up in wild costumes, walk through dark and frightening forests, watch scary movies, and get sugar highs from bags and bags of candy. Some of the best technology companies even dress up in costumes.

Growing up, I didn’t like to be scared and I still won’t do more than one scary movie per year. Some of […]

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A Connected World

connected_worldRecently, Microsoft launched “Lab of Things” – a cloud-based framework that links to the company’s HomeOS, which monitors and controls connected devices inside home environments. Part of the HomeOS is the HomeStore which acts as an application, drivers, and device store. This could make it so that one platform controls all the automated devices in your home.

You heard me […]

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