I’ll Take My Eggs With A Side Of Beacon


Using contextual data to offer users personalized and relevant advertisements, using location data to nudge consumers towards stores and products they may be unaware of, or physically following how much time consumers spend at certain places – the applications for data tracking with smartphones is endless. Beacons are the most recent way to obtain and apply this data.

A beacon is a small device that uses Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) […]

Smart Demands

smartWith one third of retail spending in the next five years coming from the Millennial generation (those born in 1977-1995), marketing strategy has to accommodate the needs of a generation that is accustomed to getting what it wants. Whether it is the playlist on his phone, the custom coffee bean in her drink, or our stacked DVR List at home, us […]

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Dizzy with Data

foottrafficFoot traffic data is spinning around us with a dizzying effect.

Why are we losing our equilibrium when looking at the conclusions of data? Think back on the days of Analytics 101, garbage data in -> garbage results out. What’s the value of data unless it captures what is really going on?

We all have the same problem – we want an accurate view of people. Methods that only capture […]

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