Mastery of The Interview

microphoneI was one of the millions who watched The Interview over the weekend. Did I spend $5.99 to watch it? Yes. Would I have seen it in the theatres without all of the attention it got in the past few weeks? Absolutely not.

The movie itself is typical; it’s not near the comedic level necessary to become an annual holiday tradition and I won’t go out of my […]

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(Ice) Buckets of Dollars

dollar bucketWe’ve all heard of it, some have done it and the number of people that actually know what it’s for is somewhere in between those two.

Although there are debates that the Ice Bucket Challenge is a cry for attention or a waste of water among others, the viral campaign to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disesase) has successfully […]

Smart Demands

smartWith one third of retail spending in the next five years coming from the Millennial generation (those born in 1977-1995), marketing strategy has to accommodate the needs of a generation that is accustomed to getting what it wants. Whether it is the playlist on his phone, the custom coffee bean in her drink, or our stacked DVR List at home, us […]

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