Protect Network from Rogue Devices

March 31, 2014 – Mobile Enterprise

AirPatrol Corporation’s ZoneDefense 5.0, the latest generation of mobile device detection and location security platforms, affirms redesigned software architecture—providing improved scalability, as well as a new browser-based interface.

The location system is used by public sector agencies, major enterprises and other organizations, in order to monitor buildings for the presence of both cellular and Wi-Fi devices—locate them and monitor their movements with sub two-meter precision.

“ZoneDefense 5.0 is the most significant update […]

Bringing Back the Gold at Sochi West

RibbonAirPatrol took home the gold this past week and played well with the big dogs.

  • We hosted our ribbon cutting ceremony on Feb 20 at the new headquarters in Maple Lawn, Maryland. With over 50 attendees, food, drinks and a live demonstration and discussion of ZoneDefense were enjoyed on a chilly day. Originally scheduled for the week before during a snowstorm we coined “Sochi West,” the […]

Putting Awareness in Context

“Context-Aware” is a technology buzzword getting a lot of misuse and that’s unfortunate because it’s actually a pretty cool thing

Wander through any of the myriad of technology news and blog sites these days and you’re bound to stumble into the term “context-aware.” With everything from network security tools and mobile apps to smart watches and thermostats touting the ability, it’s hard not to trip over it. So what is this magical new cognizance that […]

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Location, location, location

locationLocation was the basis for mobility. The first reason we created mobile phones was so we could be located anywhere and actively communicate. Then we wanted GPS on our phones so we could see where we were and how to get somewhere else (Magellan just released SmartGPS). Now we want special information and capabilities based on where we are. Location is driving mobility.

Besides […]

On the other side of the world, it’s different

phone eyeMobile World Congress and RSA have notoriously been during the same week each year, meaning companies spend their entire yearly event budget over five days. Wondering why, I was curious how RSA compared to MWC this year.

In short, MWC releases new phones, tablets, etc. and then RSA tries to figure out how to secure all endpoints in networks and make enterprises safe. With over 25,000 attendees […]

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