Three-Minute Hack Attack Uses Cell Phone’s SIM Card

By Amy Lee | September 17, 2013

“The vulnerability is tailored to a specific device,” says Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista, Chief Technology Officer at AirPatrol Corporation, a provider of wireless security based in Columbia, MD. “There’s some trial and error on the part of the hacker that would have to happen. It’s really (on) a device by device basis.”

Still, even one device is enough to endanger the security of a company’s entire network. A compromised […]

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Location, location, location

locationLocation was the basis for mobility. The first reason we created mobile phones was so we could be located anywhere and actively communicate. Then we wanted GPS on our phones so we could see where we were and how to get somewhere else (Magellan just released SmartGPS). Now we want special information and capabilities based on where we are. Location is driving mobility.

Besides […]

MDM is Not Security #BYOD


The Chairman of one of our favorite partners, Mobile Active Defense aka MAD, speaks on mobile security and how just using MDM does not provide your enterprise with the security you need. Great job, Winn!!

MDM is not mobile security

I take to task the unfortunate catch-all mobile acronym, MDM (Mobile Device Management) that is the current leader in misunderstanding, inaccuracy and false promises.

I admit it, after almost thirty […]

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