Smart Demands

smartWith one third of retail spending in the next five years coming from the Millennial generation (those born in 1977-1995), marketing strategy has to accommodate the needs of a generation that is accustomed to getting what it wants. Whether it is the playlist on his phone, the custom coffee bean in her drink, or our stacked DVR List at home, us […]

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My Grandpa Box and Me

There’s a generational gap in the Internet and I might be on the wrong side of the canyon.

Greetings from my “Grandpa Box.”


If you’re wondering if that’s a term for some sort of geriatric storage container, no, it’s not. It’s what my 23 year-old son calls my year-and-a-half old top-of-the-line laptop.

“Grandpa Box.” It just sounds old. As if my sleek little machine were in the same class as […]

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