Citrix Partners with Sysorex to Deliver Strong Mobile Security

If you weren’t able to make it to Citrix Synergy last month, or if you did attend but didn’t make it to the Enterprise Mobility Management Pavilion, you missed the opportunity to meet with the folks from Sysorex, a new Citrix XenMobile partner.

Sysorex’s flagship product, ZoneDefense, is a security platform for wireless and cellular networks that can detect, monitor and manage the behavior of […]

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It’s About Where You Are

pin-tackThe age old saying of it’s not where you are but who you’re with is wrong. In today’s world of communication, people are constantly updating their friends, family and strangers on minute details of their lives from a filtered image of a breakfast bagel to 140 character opinions on athlete’s attire. But always included in the most important updates is location.

Today’s individual is […]

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rockonAnd with one phrase, Gartner struck fear into the hearts of MDM companies around the globe: “Mobile Device Management Won’t Last.”

Of course, security experts just nodded and continued on with their days because we know there isn’t a one size fixes all solution when it comes to mobile security. MDM isn’t an exception. However, this article has an:

  • Excellent first part (MDM market commoditizing)
    AND […]
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How to Thwart the 1% that is Your Enemy

SecureAndroid100% growth seems unusual when discussing tech advancements but it’s now the global norm. In fact, we are expected to have two billion active smartphones and tablets next year.

This is important when we ask what will these two billion mobiles devices be doing? With billions of mobile devices, the mobile ecosystem will drastically change. Currently, mobile devices are […]

Now Flying Faster, The Weakest Security Links

paper-airplaneWe know that the weakest links in security are people, the individuals that use programs, devices, etc. on a daily basis to do anything and everything. Even the savvy fall to malware, hackers, or a poorly timed mouse click.

So we protect against ourselves. We have virus protection at home, advanced firewalls and security procedures and _________ on our mobile devices and our […]

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The Power of a New Idea

indoor locationingGoogle just came out and said their newest product, Google Glass, won’t be publicly available until 2014. There hasn’t been much public outrage about this yet, possibly because potential Google Glass customers are just accepting it and moving on with their day.

It’s been said before, but the way Google has marketed Glass has been very Apple-esque: teaser, select crowds of lucky customers, […]

When Mobile Awareness Can Fix Stupid

fix stupidThe Army and the healthcare industry have come out with reports this week that show that while they are ahead of the times in getting mobility out and in use, they might not be doing it as safely as they should. They say you can’t fix stupid, but is it true?

Take a minute to look at these facts:

  • At West Point, 31% of inspected mobile […]
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The Wrong Question for Enterprise Security

BYODOne of the best and most impressive traits of research analysts is that they are pretty darn good at predicting the past. As for foreseeing the future, well, that is a far rarer ability. I was reminded of this troubling truth last week when I took a quick call from a research analyst who was trying to compile a best practices report on how to secure the […]

MDM is Not Security #BYOD


The Chairman of one of our favorite partners, Mobile Active Defense aka MAD, speaks on mobile security and how just using MDM does not provide your enterprise with the security you need. Great job, Winn!!

MDM is not mobile security

I take to task the unfortunate catch-all mobile acronym, MDM (Mobile Device Management) that is the current leader in misunderstanding, inaccuracy and false promises.

I admit it, after almost thirty […]

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