Mobility Keeps Going

We’re half way through 2013 and mobile has continued to grow exponentially. I could start off with some ideas that everyone already knows: mobility is changing everything, mobility is growing at a rate unseen before now, Apple dominates the tablet industry, PCs (and Microsoft) are on their way out, and people use their mobile phones for a lot of internet commerce. What makes these statements interesting is SEEING what this looks like.

And nothing does that […]

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ROI in Mobile Healthcare

iPad HealthcareOne of the biggest obstacles in cybersecurity is measuring its ROI, its effectiveness, its worth. This isn’t because the value of cybersecurity is in question but because it is difficult to hypothesize what the worth of a data loss can be such as someone’s personal records. This has changed a bit now.

A hospital mentioned in Forbes saw a ROI on iPads in just […]

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