The Big, Bad World of IoT Security

The Big, Bad World of IoT Security
Get ready: IoT is everywhere, and we aren’t ready for its explosion.

Not only will the average individual own over 3 IoT devices by 2020, they’ll also teeter into a whopping 28 billion total devices the following year.  We may be jaded by billion-trillion-quadrillion-levels at this point, but consider this: Just two years ago, connected IoT devices barely broke the […]

My Grandpa Box and Me

There’s a generational gap in the Internet and I might be on the wrong side of the canyon.

Greetings from my “Grandpa Box.”


If you’re wondering if that’s a term for some sort of geriatric storage container, no, it’s not. It’s what my 23 year-old son calls my year-and-a-half old top-of-the-line laptop.

“Grandpa Box.” It just sounds old. As if my sleek little machine were in the same class as […]

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