Inpixon Announces Technology Refresh Deal With Leading Beverage Distributor

Contract worth over $750K spanning Q2 and Q3 will upgrade customer’s existing infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX), an indoor positioning and data analytics company, today announced a major infrastructure refresh deal with a worldwide beverage distributor. The contract, worth over $750,000, involves significant server upgrades designed to improve the beverage distributor’s data processing, management capabilities, and operations.

Inpixon’s virtualization and network specialists ensure these new servers deliver the right […]

  • Indoor Positioning & Baking

Imprecise Locationing, Like Imprecise Baking, Will Leave Your Indoor Positioning Data Flat

Indoor Positioning & Baking
Be honest: You’ve misread a recipe before. Maybe the 2 teaspoons measurement was mistaken for 2 tablespoons. Or you accidentally substituted baking soda for baking powder. You’re then left with an unfortunate batch of flat, slimy cookies.  Not appetizing. The same goes for indoor positioning data. Forget the old age of Wi-Fi positioning. There’s a better way.

As with baking, indoor positioning requires precision. Take […]

Amazon Prime Day Takeaways and Reaction

By Joe Keenan

Published July 12th 2017 on Total Retail.

This past Tuesday was Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer’s third annual global shopping event exclusively for its Prime members. The day brought positives and negatives for Amazon, as it looked to further cement its position as the leading online retailer in the market.

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Amazon is reporting Prime Day was its “biggest day ever,” […]

Smart Bulbs Are C Students

bulbFirst we had the innovations of Mr. Miyagi: wax on wax off. Then we were given the clapper: clap on clap off. Now we have the smart phone: app on, app off. With the smartphone, we have smart products; but how smart are they?

With that said, we have the smart bulb. Yes, the smart bulb. Engineers have figured out how to […]

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Geolocation will shape commerce and security: Emerging Tech Forum

CRTCJune 3, 2014 Tyler Waldman,

Three hyperlocal mapping startup executives talked about the technology and its applications at Thursday’s Emerging Tech Forum.

Imagine browsing the aisles at Giant or Safeway and stopping in front of the Chips Ahoy display. As you pause to contemplate your moral, financial and dietary dilemma, your phone goes off with a coupon.

That’s the sort of future imagined by Ben Funk, vice president of […]

Proximity versus Positioning… What’s the Difference?

PBJAs location-based technologies take off there’s lots of hype about proximity versus positioning. Is there a difference, and if so, which is better?

There’s little doubt that location-based technologies are the new hot kid. These days it seems you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a pundit expounding on how the location revolution is going to change the way we work, live and play. Thanks to the […]

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One Giant Step For Context Aware

cell hospitalSilicon Valley has been abuzz with deciding on the “next big thing” at Bloomberg’s event for the past two days and they’ve decided on “contextually aware applications.” Well, of course it is.

The first level of context aware or context based mobility is in location – one of the hottest topics of 2013, both indoor (Apple purchase of Wi-Fi Slam) […]

How to Thwart the 1% that is Your Enemy

SecureAndroid100% growth seems unusual when discussing tech advancements but it’s now the global norm. In fact, we are expected to have two billion active smartphones and tablets next year.

This is important when we ask what will these two billion mobiles devices be doing? With billions of mobile devices, the mobile ecosystem will drastically change. Currently, mobile devices are […]

Staying in the Context-Aware Strike Zone

I’ve been waiting for years and it’s almost here – the day when two of my passions collide. Baseball, meet technology. Umpire, the heckling may stop here.

context-aware baseballWe live in an Internet of Things world, where sensors are a part of everything and the amount of information collected and recorded is massive. Unlike the human eye, technology can spot that […]

When Mobile Awareness Can Fix Stupid

fix stupidThe Army and the healthcare industry have come out with reports this week that show that while they are ahead of the times in getting mobility out and in use, they might not be doing it as safely as they should. They say you can’t fix stupid, but is it true?

Take a minute to look at these facts:

  • At West Point, 31% of inspected mobile […]
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