One Giant Step For Context Aware

cell hospitalSilicon Valley has been abuzz with deciding on the “next big thing” at Bloomberg’s event for the past two days and they’ve decided on “contextually aware applications.” Well, of course it is.

The first level of context aware or context based mobility is in location – one of the hottest topics of 2013, both indoor (Apple purchase of Wi-Fi Slam) […]

When Mobile Awareness Can Fix Stupid

fix stupidThe Army and the healthcare industry have come out with reports this week that show that while they are ahead of the times in getting mobility out and in use, they might not be doing it as safely as they should. They say you can’t fix stupid, but is it true?

Take a minute to look at these facts:

  • At West Point, 31% of inspected mobile […]
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The Wrong Question for Enterprise Security

BYODOne of the best and most impressive traits of research analysts is that they are pretty darn good at predicting the past. As for foreseeing the future, well, that is a far rarer ability. I was reminded of this troubling truth last week when I took a quick call from a research analyst who was trying to compile a best practices report on how to secure the […]

Blurring the Line Between Consumer and Enterprise Tech

mobile devicesIt used to be simple: Macs and iPhones were personal, Blackberry and Microsoft were business. However, with BYOD and an influx of mobile device options, this line is near invisible.


  • Gartner predicts that by 2014, Apple Macs will be as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft PCs are today. These consumers are pushing the BYOD trend and are the same individuals shaping enterprise device security […]
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