Mobile Devices are the Ultimate Anti-Wearables

wearableYears ago, Nike released Nike+ – a magical little device you could put into your shoe, connect to your iPod or iPhone and track your distance and calories burned. It took off like wildfire but not many users truly understood the sensor qualities of the device.

Today, Bluetooth is one of the first words out of newborn’s mouth. Using Bluetooth technology, wearables have taken off. […]

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Dizzy with Data

foottrafficFoot traffic data is spinning around us with a dizzying effect.

Why are we losing our equilibrium when looking at the conclusions of data? Think back on the days of Analytics 101, garbage data in -> garbage results out. What’s the value of data unless it captures what is really going on?

We all have the same problem – we want an accurate view of people. Methods that only capture […]

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The Problem with Data

showroomingWe have become so excited in collecting data, lots and lots of data, that we’re forgetting the most important part: analyzing and reporting. Many can take your Excel spreadsheet and create eye-catching pie charts and bar graphs, but what are you getting out of it.

Using mobile, data is collected for a few main reasons:

  1. You have a problem and you need to understand it (enterprise and government security)
  2. You […]

The Honey-Do List

phonetodoHi, my name is Cleve and I regularly expect too much of my phone.

When I’m traveling and my wife wants my itinerary, I many times have started to send it to her. But as soon as I unlock my phone and open my email to forward the details, I see a message marked URGENT and my priorities change. A few fires later, my wife’s request is long […]

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Good Technology Extends Mobile Business Experience for Customers with New Ecosystem Partners

Delivers next-gen user experience, both in cloud and on-premise, with new secure mobile collaboration app, and expanded ecosystem.

NEW YORK and SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 3, 2014 – Good Technology, the leader in secure mobility, today announced new additions to the company’s extensive and diverse ecosystem of Good-secured independent software vendors (ISVs) and partners, extending the capabilities of the Good Secure Mobility Solution. Good has the most comprehensive ecosystem of partners across the industry, with over 1200 unique […]

Heartbleed, Making our Dreams Come True

heartbleedAlthough it sounds like a punk-rock band, as you probably know by now, Heartbleed isn’t something you can turn off by hitting skip on Pandora. In short, Heartbleed is a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL. Want more? Read this. Don’t want to read? Watch this.

As an industry, we often talk about mobile security and this is one of […]

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How High Does Risk Go?

airplane phoneYears ago, the only time I unplugged from the world was while 33,000ft high. Flying was a time for making lists, pleasure reading, or even naps. Now, with most flights equipped with WiFi, it’s become a time to catch up on emails or the latest BuzzFeed articles for my kids. And, assuming the regulatory changes working their way through the FAA become a reality, we’ll soon […]

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MWC2014: What in the World is Going On in the Mobility Space

Mobile World Congress had cool devices, but even more impressive were the applications that businesses could leverage.

March 12, 2014 – With 80,000 attendees from every part of the globe coming together in one place, the Mobile World Congress show is overwhelming to say the least. But beyond the marketing hype, the consumer announcements, the multilevel glitzy booths/pavilions/theaters/business mansions, and the sheer size of the event itself, there is an amazing amount of B2B activity in […]

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Lack of Invincibility

lack of invincibility

Crowding through the front doors of the Moscone Center, we all look like deer in the headlights. Rushing into the bright lights and recycled air of the conference’s lobby, we are desperate for some direction – where to go, when to be there, who to meet. There are lines for computers, lines for people behind desks, lines for coat check and the longest line of […]

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