ROI in Mobile Healthcare

iPad HealthcareOne of the biggest obstacles in cybersecurity is measuring its ROI, its effectiveness, its worth. This isn’t because the value of cybersecurity is in question but because it is difficult to hypothesize what the worth of a data loss can be such as someone’s personal records. This has changed a bit now.

A hospital mentioned in Forbes saw a ROI on iPads in just […]

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Defending Our Cyber Borders

hackRight before Memorial Day Weekend kicked off, the US government came out with a claim that hackers originating in Iran have increased attacks on US cyber networks. Some hack attempts were so powerful that they attempted to control and manipulate the flow of oil and gas in the country.

I refer to this and other similar movements as Web War 1. These attacks are nothing new, even […]

Dwarfing Cold War Secrets and BYOD

cybersecurity-world“As the White House moves to confront China over its theft of U.S. technology through hacking, policy makers are faced with the question of how much damage has already been done. During their multiyear assault on defense contractors, the spies stole several terabytes — equal to hundreds of millions of pages –of documents and data on weapons programs, dwarfing in sheer quantity any theft of Cold War […]

Devices Doing the Unknown

noserviceOur cell phones are capable of carrying out orders that we do not ask of them. Siri regularly helps out by answering our direct questions, but these miniature computers are constantly interacting with the environment around us. The information gained through location, user role, past purchases, Facebook likes and more is regularly being tabulated and our devices may be acting without our permission.

There is a theory out […]

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Press Release: AirPatrol Corporation Appoints Cleve Adams Chief Executive Officer

cadamsAirPatrol Corporation Appoints Cleve Adams Chief Executive Officer

Mobile and wireless security developer taps seasoned technology executive to head firm’s global operations

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COLUMBIA, MD – AirPatrol Corporation, a developer of advanced mobile device security systems, today named Cleve Adams as its chief executive officer. Adams is a seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of experience leading and growing organizations in the enterprise software, network, […]

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