Bluesnarfing: The Modern-Day Security Vulnerability in a Wireless and Mobile World

Once known as the next big thing in wireless communication since the invention of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology has since gained a reputation as one of the gaping barriers in mobile and wireless device security — almost as bad as public Wi-Fi access points.

This may seem like a bum rap for Bluetooth. The advanced technology makes it possible for the visually and motion-impaired […]

Sysorex Adds Bluetooth Support to Its AirPatrol Mobile Device Security and Locationing Systems

Company’s ZoneDefense and ZoneAware platforms can now detect and monitor Bluetooth devices as well as cellular and WiFi

PALO Aairpatrol_logoLoc15SYRXLTO, Calif. – Big data analytics and solutions provider Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced that it has added the ability to detect and locate Bluetooth wireless devices as well as Cellular and WiFi support to its AirPatrol ZoneDefense and AirPatrol ZoneAware platforms. Bluetooth, a wireless technology used for exchanging data over […]

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Mobile Devices are the Ultimate Anti-Wearables

wearableYears ago, Nike released Nike+ – a magical little device you could put into your shoe, connect to your iPod or iPhone and track your distance and calories burned. It took off like wildfire but not many users truly understood the sensor qualities of the device.

Today, Bluetooth is one of the first words out of newborn’s mouth. Using Bluetooth technology, wearables have taken off. […]

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