Unparalleled Wi-Fi Positional Accuracy for IPA

IPA Pod is a miniaturized Wi-Fi version of Inpixon’s IPA Sensor that can plug into any electrical outlet. The air freshener-sized sensor will be able to communicate with any existing Wi-Fi network and position any Wi-Fi-enabled device on that network. In beta environments, the IPA Pod consistently delivers unheard of accuracy at less than one meter. Typical Wi-Fi access point providers deliver positioning as a by-product but are unable to do so effectively. The market is big, but the accuracy of Inpixon’s technology has been unachievable until now.

Essentially a plug-and-play device, IPA Pod lowers entry-level barriers by eliminating the install process. Simply plug pods into as many electrical outlets as needed. Deployed in any 3D space, each pod forms a self-calibrating mesh, detecting devices that move into that mesh while constantly communicating to each other to measure the surrounding radio frequency (RF) environment. As this RF environment changes over time, pods continue to talk to one other, constantly sending test signals, and allowing devices to be positioned with higher accuracy. By connecting to the user-interface cloud, retail managers can look at this incredibly rich data environment from half a world away.

Historically, the promise and utility of indoor positioning using Wi-Fi has been limited because of a discrepancy of 30 meters in positional accuracy, resulting in more of a proximity solution rather than the desired positioning solution. At these ranges, device location can be identified but positional accuracy for extracting intelligence has not been available. Inpixon’s IPA Pod fulfills the previously unkept promise of Wi-Fi positioning by enabling retail, marketing, and security customers to realize the full potential of Wi-Fi indoor positioning analytics.

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