Inpixon Sensor

Precise detection and locationing system for Cellular, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices

The Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) platform uses a network of RF sensors that detect and locate all cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices. Inpixon 4000SE sensors deliver powerful wireless sensing capabilities with performance characteristics superior to any other available wireless sensor. With the Inpixon 4000SE, deployment headaches have been reduced through daisy chaining and internal antennas.

The Inpixon 4000SE is a passive RF sensor able to detect signals ranging from simple pings to a cell tower to active wireless transmissions. The sensor combines cellular, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth device detection in a single package. The location of a device can be determined through the 4000SE sensors from cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. The 4000SE has configurable software that dynamically surveys active channels and detects any transmission from any Bluetooth (Classic or BLE) device being used.

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