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Know what’s out there.
From security to understanding visitors, Inpixon IPA reveals your premises in a whole new way.

GPS changed outdoor locationing, replacing maps and optimizing routes to save travelers time and money. However, this advance in technology ends once you go indoors. Until now, no solution has been able to answer the question of who is within a location, where they’re going, and what you can do to influence their path.


Inpixon unified real time location and analytics


Online retail businesses have used website visitor tracking and analytics for years, but brick and mortar locations lack equivalent insights, creating an uneven playing field. Limited to footfall statistics from manual counters and customer insight from point of sale data, retailers are still living in the 20th century while ecommerce innovates and thrives.

Meanwhile, security has focused on strengthening the facility perimeter and adding cameras to monitor activities within, but securing the airwaves where cell phones and other mobile devices operate is a growing challenge. Mobile devices are now portable recording studios with high storage capacity and, due to device proliferation, are now found throughout enterprises. Commercial intellectual property and personal information is at high risk.

Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics brings visitor insight to retail brick and mortar locations and allows security to mitigate mobile risks to enterprises. By detecting, monitoring, and providing rich analytics of every cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled device and/or asset, you can understand customer journey through your retail property or discover and prevent unwanted mobile device use in your enterprise. Inpixon IPA offers all of this from a single solution.

  • Simplify management of multiple devices & asset types
    Inpixon provides a single platform for locating, monitoring, and analyzing the journey of all cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices and assets in an area
  • See all devices from a single deployment
    Detects and locates all devices regardless of make, manufacturer or device type
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Inpixon improves accuracy of customer counts, reducing visitor wait times by allowing staffing to match demand
  • Drive more revenue
    Inpixon delivers more accurate footfall and flow analysis in buildings and storefronts allowing you to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Improve security
    Discover rogue or unknown devices operating in your facility to enforce “no cellphone” policies
  • Reduce equipment loss
    Eliminate losses due to theft and misuse while improving maintenance cycle efficiency
  • Locationing and unified support for cellular, 802.11 Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices in a single platform
  • Precision device positioning accurate down to three meters
  • Color-coding of “known” versus “unknown” assets and devices
  • Zone-based alerts and policy controls, trigger 3rd party applications based on location
  • Simple connectivity to virtually any mobile app or cloud-based software application
  • 100% private and secure data collection and analysis

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Application Areas

Originally developed as a security platform, the Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics solution detects and locates mobile devices, regardless of type or manufacturer. This provides complete situational awareness of all devices operating in a monitored area. By using Inpixon IPA’s zone-based alerts and policy controls, it’s easier than ever to enforce “no cellphone zones,” trigger network and data security policies based on location, and provide full forensic reporting should a safety or security incident occur.
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Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics provides mobile device detection, location and monitoring for government agencies, military installations and high-security facilities around the globe. Because it detects and tracks all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, Inpixon is used to identify and set security policies for employees, monitor visitors in secure areas, and alert security when “rogue” devices are present and/or in unauthorized areas.
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Retail Property Management

Traditional foot fall counters and Wi-Fi-only systems are unable to provide the depth of visitor analysis and facilities usage Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics can. As nearly everyone carries a cellphone, Inpixon IPA delivers retailers and property managers unparalleled accuracy with important metrics like visitor counts, dwell time, and journey. Inpixon IPA also provides insight into operational efficiencies by showing where staff is at all times and where visitors are to allow for location-based staffing levels.
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Corrections & Law Enforcement

Contraband cellphones and wireless devices are major security issues for law enforcement and corrections officers. Inpixon not only detects and locates cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices within facilities, but can also distinguish between devices carried by employees versus rogue devices operating in the facility. Inpixon IPA’s real time dashboards flag the unauthorized devices and alerts let guards see exactly where devices are hidden, reducing security risks for both staff and inmates.
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