Insights to provide real-time information and business value

When you need to understand who is entering your facilities for security or the journey of your customers, Inpixon IPA Insights provides a way to understand the visitor behavior.  Nearly everyone carries a mobile device which can be located, followed and displayed, both real-time and historically. Insights allow you to know who has entered your premises, if they are trusted, and where they are going so you can decide if you need to take action. Insights allow you to see how visitors are using your property and how you can provide more value to visitors and tenants. With both real-time and historical positioning and analytics, you have the visibility into the who, what, when and where of the visitor journey.

Powerful Insight Reporting for Security and Business


For Security

  • Improve your physical security and therefore your logical security
  • Understand when and where someone is entering your facility
  • Quickly determine if someone is a trusted visitor or untrusted
  • Know immediately when anyone breaches a “no phone / no device” zone
  • Evaluate the efficiency of security personnel

For Retail Properties

  • Understand Consumer Behavior
  • Measure Retail Exposure for Commercialization
  • Measure Marketing Campaigns
  • Defend Rental Concessions
  • Create a Perfect Tenant Mix
  • Target Tenants Based On Data
  • Evaluate Efficient Operating Times
  • Understand Event Effectiveness
  • Validate Capex Improvements
  • Plan Personnel Resources
  • See trends of customer visits to retail, dining and entertainment


For Security

  • Total visibility of all RF devices (cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) in your facility
  • Able to Locate devices with3 meter accuracy
  • Place all devices accurately on a detailed real-time map of your facility
  • Alerting of security breach rules with notifications to dashboard, email, or text messaging
  • Visual playback of all events to facilitate forensic analysis

For Retail Properties

  • Reporting of visitors, new visitors, dwell time,
  • See heat maps of customer locations currently and over time
  • See customer journey and determine affinity between locations
  • Differentiate between customers, staff, transients
  • Set and monitor KPI for marketing campaigns
  • Understand top X / bottom X foot flow, storefront conversion, shopper density, and synergy

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