High Definition Visitor Analytics for Malls, Shopping Centers and Retail Properties

Understand The Customer Experience Like Never Before Possible

Traditional foot fall counters, Wi-Fi tracking and similar systems can’t provide the depth of visitor analysis and facilities usage Inpixon can. Inpixon’s patented technology delivers retailers and property managers unparalleled accuracy on important metrics like unique versus repeat visitor counts, dwell time by zone, and total journey.

With Inpixon, you can finally see your visitors and understand their experience with high definition detail.


For Operations
  • Understand how building layout changes affect foot traffic
  • Optimize staffing levels based on visitor trends by hour, day, week or season
  • Improve security and safety with real time monitoring
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
For Marketing
  • Understand which events or attractions drive traffic
  • Get accurate view counts for in-mall advertising & display boards
  • Discover new marketing opportunities based on customer behavior
  • Develop provable and repeatable ROI
  • Real-time, 24/7 continuous operation for deeper, more detailed data collection
  • True customer location (not merely proximity or position) accurate within 3-5 meters in motion
  • Detects 100% of shoppers with a cellular phone or mobile device, not merely the percentage with a Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Industry’s most accurate visitor footfall counts without duplication, time gaps or miscounting of “non-people”
  • Distinguish between employees, visitors, transient foot traffic, mega-dwellers and residents
  • 100% passive and private – “listen-only” technology does not collect personally identifiable information or interfere with wireless networks or devices
For Leasing
  • Get truly accurate footfall counts
  • Understand visitor dwell by individual zone and across zones
  • See the horizontal and vertical journey of your visitors
  • Identify which brands have synergy
  • Discover under-utilized areas and new revenue opportunities
  • Develop the perfect tenant mix and configuration
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