Inpixon Portable Sensor Kit (PSK)

Portable detection and locationing system for Cellular, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices

The Inpixon Portable Sensor Kit (PSK) contains several Inpixon advanced sensors. Tunable software and programmable RF receivers dynamically survey active cellular up-link channels, Bluetooth channels and Wi-Fi channels to enable detection and location of cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. It’s a perfect solution for temporary physical security and safety deployments.

PSK combines our sensor technology with a wireless mesh node and rechargeable battery power – enabling a quick, flexible, and portable system setup.

Inpixon PSK is ideal for:

  • Wi-Fi security at temporary operational centers or meeting areas

  • Wireless vulnerability assessments

  • Penetration testing

  • On-site cellular system evaluations

  • In-conference system monitoring

  • Detecting all transmitting devices (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth)

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