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Today there are 7 billion mobile devices in the world, a number that will soon grow to outnumber the human population. Beyond obvious convenience, these devices have access to proprietary information and other valuable assets. Controlling and protecting your data is one thing, but trying to keep track and manage devices is a whole other predicament.

What if you could detect and precisely locate all mobile devices in your secure areas (data centers, SCIFs, secure buildings) and even establish control of individual or groups of devices based on where they are and who is using them?

Presenter: Bob Koblovsky, Director

Bob Koblovsky is an experienced sales and marketing professional specializing in wireless data, data integration and IT Security. With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, Bob has been a part of its evolution from a voice-only network to one embracing all communications including video, text and now the Internet of Things. Previously holding various executive and VP positions, Bob’s role as Sales Director for Inpixon’s Inpixon line allows him to relate to executive, sales, marketing and technical roles.

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