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The Freethinkers of the Retail World webinar series address challenges facing the retail industry and how indoor positioning and data analytics can help.

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January 12th

In the battle of retail stores vs online shopping, physical stores have been at a disadvantage – until now. Anonymously watch people move around your retail establishment in real time, from entrance to exit, with personalized report analytics to make quick changes for a better tomorrow.

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January 19th

Customer Journey & Behavior: Understanding the “when,” “where,” and “why” in a customer’s journey provides instantly actionable information, allowing you to deliver an exceptional experience in an ever-changing customer landscape all from the ever-present mobile device.

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January 26th

GPS takes your customers from their home to your mall, but once they’re inside, what takes them to what they need? The answer: IPS. Indoor Positioning Systems pick your customer up where GPS drops them. Paired with powerful and anonymous analytics, your customers are happy and your ROI skyrockets.

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