Indoor Positioning Analytics [IPA]

For Advanced Business Intelligence & Security

IPA reveals the untold story of your indoors.

Mobile and wireless devices have proliferated. Their radio signals blanket your building’s airwaves. Inpixon’s award-winning IPA uses radio frequency (RF) sensors and advanced algorithms to enable you to see the unseen. By understanding the behavior of every wireless device in your facility, you can increase sales, reduce costs and enhance security.

It’s IPA to the Power of AI

What's Indoor Positioning Analytics, how does it work, and what are the benefits? This video answers all those questions in under two minutes!

Ipa Security

IPA Security

Complete wireless cybersecurity situational awareness to identify rogue devices, enforce mobile security policies, reduce theft, investigate incidents, mitigate risk and more.

For government, corrections, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, education, hospitals, airports, public venues and other security-sensitive facilities.

Ipa Security

IPA Intelligence

Advanced visitor analytics to drive sales and reduce costs. Gain powerful insights about visitor behavior that enable you to make key decisions around the customer experience, staffing levels, product placement, advertising spend, lease rates, and more.

For retail, shopping centers, banking, office spaces, hospitality, events, schools, hospitals, airports and public venues.


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