Cellular device detection, locationing and management solutions from Inpixon

A Defense-In-Depth Platform

Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) Security, enables you to detect, locate and manage unauthorized and authorized cell phones and all other wireless devices within correctional facilities.

Inpixon combines cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth identification and location technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to help eliminate contraband mobile phone use.

Unauthorized mobile phone usage within jails, prisons and detention facilities is a serious and growing threat to public safety. Despite record spending on costly technology and thousand of phone seizures, the problem persists.

IPA Security Features Include:

It even catches “over-the-top” Wi-Fi phones or devices that bypass cell networks

Automatically detect, locate and track cellular and WiFi devices within a few meters accuracy right from the Inpixon console.

Create multiple zones with layered security policies. Supports zones for cellular permitted, cellular managed and cellular prohibited areas as large as a city block or as small as 10×10 feet

Inpixon’s web-based management console provides a fast, intuitive way to register, detect and monitor devices within a facility. Registered devices show up as “known” blue dots, unknown devices show up as red, making it easy to identify rogue devices operating in restricted areas

Detects and tracks devices in real time. Receive web console-based, email and/or text alerts when activity is detected and get real time tracking of device movements throughout the facility.

Inpixon logs all device activity in monitored areas (including information such as date, time, device type, call start, call end, etc.), generates reports and charts, and even plays back device movements over minutes, hours, days and months for in-depth forensic analysis

Inpixon passive sensors don’t interfere with nearby civilian cellular traffic making it easier to control rogue devices within the facility without creating problems for local communities.

A cost-effective, proven solution

A proven solution used by governments, military installations and law enforcement agencies around the globe, Inpixon delivers results. Please contact Inpixon today for more information or a demonstration.

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