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Privacy by Design — The GDPR, and Inpixon’s Proactive Commitment to Privacy and Security

It’s been many months since I first heard about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to be honest, at first I assumed it was one of those idealized, politician-driven regulations. But, as I dug into the details, and as I have worked closely with the GDPR-specialized legal counsel that we’ve [...]

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Is the Most Important Room in Your Company Really Secure?

Someone Might Be Listening Mergers and acquisitions. Updates to rolling three-year business plans. New product releases. Company restructures. SEC filings. These are the types of discussions that take place in corporate boardrooms across America. The information shared during these discussions can be of intense interest to competitors, stock manipulators, disgruntled [...]

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Deter and Delay Is No Longer Enough: How IPA Can Help Focus Response Resources and Improve School Safety

Recent events have pointed out the need for new and enhanced approaches to safety and security in schools. While the truth is that active shooter events are rare, the reality is that every school needs to prepare and take steps to minimize the possibility of and the damage that can [...]

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IPA Security for Corrections: Inpixon at Mock Prison Riot 2018

With the ever-growing problem of mobile phones being used by inmates, all Department of Correction (DoC) facilities around the world are working hard to find a solution. Interdiction and manage access solutions can control phones from a cellular perspective, but Inpixon can easily assist with providing location-based services on cellular, [...]

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The Shape of Data Protection: Mobile Device Management Intersects the Security Dome

The explosion in wireless technology and applications, smart portable devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made our lives easier, businesses more productive, and access to data and each other ubiquitous. But, that same explosion brought with it increased opportunities for hacks, malware, data leakage, skimming, shimming, and eavesdropping [...]

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Smart Technology Connects Buildings. How Are You Managing It?

With the move to smart cities and buildings, is your company aware of all the technology that can connect to your network? Companies are becoming more connected with Wi-Fi-enabled devices to enhance the workplace, reduce overhead, and enable communication worldwide. There are no longer only Wi-Fi access points and network [...]

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Unpacking the Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report

The Canadian Consumer Retail Research Report, a recent study conducted in 2017 by WisePlum (also available through the Retail Council of Canada) set out to answer four basic questions: What drives preferences for where consumers purchase? Which drivers are within a retailers control? Which are not? Does regional distribution and [...]

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Bluesnarfing: The Modern-Day Security Vulnerability in a Wireless and Mobile World

Once known as the next big thing in wireless communication since the invention of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology has since gained a reputation as one of the gaping barriers in mobile and wireless device security — almost as bad as public Wi-Fi access points. This may seem like a bum [...]

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