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  • Connected Cityscape

5G is Coming. We Will Be Ready.

Inpixon has been a leader in wireless detection for over a decade, thanks in large part to our continuing investment in R&D as new technologies launch. We actively monitor industry standards as they are being developed and address them in our product development plans. As 5G is formally introduced to [...]

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Webinar: Innovating with Indoor Data

The indoor world has never been more connected. Over the past decade, significant strides have been made in demystifying the great indoors. Location-aware technology has given us better visibility and a keener understanding of indoor spaces and how people actually engage within them. Thanks to the data collected from IoT, [...]

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  • GDPR

Privacy by Design — The GDPR, and Inpixon’s Proactive Commitment to Privacy and Security

It’s been many months since I first heard about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to be honest, at first I assumed it was one of those idealized, politician-driven regulations. But, as I dug into the details, and as I have worked closely with the GDPR-specialized legal counsel that we’ve [...]

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Is the Most Important Room in Your Company Really Secure?

Someone Might Be Listening Mergers and acquisitions. Updates to rolling three-year business plans. New product releases. Company restructures. SEC filings. These are the types of discussions that take place in corporate boardrooms across America. The information shared during these discussions can be of intense interest to competitors, stock manipulators, disgruntled [...]

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