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Lauren Edwards can be found with a song in her head and a RedBull in her hand while following the latest tech news or checking up on the Redskins. Inpixon's Director of Digital Marketing, Lauren translates engineering-isms into the language of the general public while growing her expertise in location-based mobile, cybersecurity, the future of context awareness and anything else that catches her eye while juggling 2+ other projects. Lauren lives in VA with her cuddle monster/pitbull and regularly competes at nationwide equestrian events.

Locationing Turns up the Beat at SXSW

Going on right now, in what many consider to be the strangest town in Texas and possibly the least “Texas” of all towns within the state, is South by Southwest. Better known as #SXSW, the annual event is a MUST for lovers of film, music, and interactive media. As the years progress, the festival’s schedule has attracted more and more from the digital world leading to some powerful combinations of passion and technology. For nerds […]

New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level

Of all the exciting new technologies and applications the explosion of sensors and network-connected things has brought to us, one of the most intriguing has to be indoor locationing – detecting and tracking mobile devices and assets in buildings based on their wireless signals for purposes ranging from asset tracking and security to visitor wayfinding and targeted marketing.

The concept of indoor locationing, and the possibilities it presented, […]

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Revenge of the 5th

As someone living and breathing tech 24/7/365, it always comes as a shock when I’m speaking with another ‘80s baby and they have no idea what I’m talking about. One vivid memory was when a close friend moved across the country and our group of girl friends talked about having Skype Girl Nights. Only two of the five girls had Skype, one had no idea what Skype […]

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Beacons – Missing the Mark by a Mile

offtargetbluetoothDespite being a buzzword for a while now, beacons continue to bring excitement when they’re mentioned in conversation. Healthcare uses them to track inventory and assets, retail uses them to push notifications to potential buyers, and other industries inject them into their mobile strategy for additional purposes.

Unfortunately, beacons are failing to meet the expectations we have for them but not due to poor performance. These disappointments are […]

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Inpixon Ad Trends, March 2016

In like a lion: Construction and Home Improvement advertising roared back in March

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 13, 2016 – High performance analytics software and solutions provider Inpixon (NASDAQ: SYRX), today released its Ad Trends print advertising report for March 2016 showing month-to-month growth in all six major categories including a hefty 23% increase in Construction / Home Improvement. Overall, print advertising in March was up an average of nearly 9% from […]

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Inpixon Ad Trends, Feburary 2016

Print advertising shows growth across the board from January

PALO ALTO, Calif. – March 10, 2016 – High performance analytics software and solutions provider Inpixon (NASDAQ: SYRX), today released its Ad Trends print advertising report for February 2016 showing solid growth from January in five of the top six newspaper ad categories nationwide. Real Estate and Retailer advertisements showed the largest gains from January, growing nearly 10-1/2% and 12% respectively. The only category […]

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Mickey Mouse, the Cyber Chef

internThe Internet skipped a beat recently when Disney posted a job listing for a “Global Intelligence Analyst Intern.” Looking for someone to assist with counter-terrorism, the post went viral and was later taken down.

“Wait, what?? But this is the happiest place on earth,” said the Internet. However, Disney is one of many big businesses stepping up their defenses for both physical and cyber attacks.

Amusement parks, […]

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Riding The Big Data Shark

sharkThe day after shark week ends, people start entering the water again. Even though hours were spent watching and listening to gruesome fatalities, the cautioning data is quickly forgotten. We want more.

We feel the same way about data – we want it and we want it all. An incredible amount of data flies around us and lives at our fingertips; it can be overwhelming. We tend to […]

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Fall-Inspired Success for Cellular Detection in Cells

prison copy
This past week, we sent our AirPatrol team to sponsor the Correctional Technology Association’s Annual Event in Daytona Beach (#CTA2015). Joined by over 30 other technology vendors and ambassadors from various prisons and other correctional facilities around the country, we offered two live ZoneDefense demonstrations:

  1. Live view of the CTA exhibitor floor’s active cellular and WiFi devices with <15’ precision
  2. […]

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Bridge Bank Increases Sysorex Credit Line and Extends an Additional Term Loan for up to $12 Million in Financing

Source: Bridge Capital Holdings

SAN JOSE, CA — (Marketwired) — 05/07/15 — Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ: BBNK), whose subsidiary is Bridge Bank, a full-service professional business bank headquartered in Silicon Valley and with offices located nationwide, announced today that its Capital Finance Banking team has amended its revolving credit facility with Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), a leading provider of Big Data software analytics and infrastructure solutions, to increase the credit limit from $6 […]

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