About Jill Jensen

As a kid, Jill put Dewey Decimal numbers on her books, so it’s no wonder she grew up to be an information architect and librarian. After making her mark on several B2B information services, she’s now putting pretty words to paper as Inpixon’s Marketing Communications Manager. During the summer, she can be found at the lake with Finn McCool, her Portuguese Water Dog.

Zombies, ghouls & IoT … oh my!

zombiesMindless henchmen under the spell of a master puppeteer, awakened to wreak havoc on civilization.

Are these scary thoughts the result of the new season of The Walking Dead? Maybe I’m having nightmares about Halloween ghouls, inching ever closer in the dark? Nope. What’s got me pondering the undead is a cascade of crazy happenings involving the Internet of Things (IoT).

It started […]

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Capturing Pokemon

Pokemon“What on earth is going on at Veteran’s Park?”  As we drove by, I glanced over to see it teeming with people. Young people. All glued to their phones. While they may have looked like zombies, it dawned on me (as I’m sure it has you) that they were immersed in the game Pokémon GO.

For the uninitiated, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that […]

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