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How Do You Like Them Apples?

handappleWhether we’re living under a rock, hiding out in the local watering hole or counting money in our mansions, we all have something in common: Apple is coming.

And by that, I mean the Apple Watch is coming and they’re hoping things are going to change.

We’ve seen the commercials. The Apple Watch is being billed as a pop fashion statement (I can almost hear Kanye’s lyrical […]

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The Spy On the Trading Floor

spyThe man walked through the security doors after flashing his credentials. He wondered if the others had thought of this before. He woke up that morning knowing that his day would be different. He made his coffee stronger, and made an effort to kiss his wife before he left. Then, he carpooled to work; not because he needed a ride but because he enjoyed the irony. The […]

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I’ll Take My Eggs With A Side Of Beacon


Using contextual data to offer users personalized and relevant advertisements, using location data to nudge consumers towards stores and products they may be unaware of, or physically following how much time consumers spend at certain places – the applications for data tracking with smartphones is endless. Beacons are the most recent way to obtain and apply this data.

A beacon is a small device that uses Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) […]

Cell Phones Are the New Black

prison-phoneCell phones facilitate crimes and allow inmates to continue to threaten the public while inside correctional institution walls.

Cell phones are often a symptom of other illegal activity.

So, in order to protect and secure, it is necessary to detect all mobile devices and alert the corrections officers on their location to take action.

Federal and state prison authorities have confiscated thousands of illegal phones in the past few years […]

Poker, Personalization and Pancakes

pancakeHow Smart Is Your Casino?

The Intro
With smartphone hardware advancements, we are seeing a shift of attention into mobile applications. Some apps cater social media, others deliver pizza, and some are trying to become smarter. Not just better, but smarter.

What does this mean?
With GPS on smartphones, it’s possible to track someone’s location and with the right software apps, to know not only where you are, but if you’ve […]

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Smart Bulbs Are C Students

bulbFirst we had the innovations of Mr. Miyagi: wax on wax off. Then we were given the clapper: clap on clap off. Now we have the smart phone: app on, app off. With the smartphone, we have smart products; but how smart are they?

With that said, we have the smart bulb. Yes, the smart bulb. Engineers have figured out how to […]

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Freedom On The Go

BYOD juggleWhether your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy established or not, employees are accessing corporate content on personal devices. And now, they’re doing so on the go. This should be seen as a step in the right direction as the ability to store and sync content from one device to another creates a collaborative, in-sync mobile workplace. However, it also creates new viable […]

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Smart Demands

smartWith one third of retail spending in the next five years coming from the Millennial generation (those born in 1977-1995), marketing strategy has to accommodate the needs of a generation that is accustomed to getting what it wants. Whether it is the playlist on his phone, the custom coffee bean in her drink, or our stacked DVR List at home, us […]

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Why are we still waiting in line at Starbucks?

starbucksOr any other food establishment?

We’ve all done it.

We walk into our favorite coffee shop or restaurant short on time, looking to grab a quick cup of coffee or bite to eat and there IT is. The one thing we dread most of all.


Suddenly, that quick bite or cup of coffee just turned into what feels like an interminable wait. But why do we need to wait? […]

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rockonAnd with one phrase, Gartner struck fear into the hearts of MDM companies around the globe: “Mobile Device Management Won’t Last.”

Of course, security experts just nodded and continued on with their days because we know there isn’t a one size fixes all solution when it comes to mobile security. MDM isn’t an exception. However, this article has an:

  • Excellent first part (MDM market commoditizing)
    AND […]
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