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The Expanding Ecosystem of Location Intelligence

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In this article by Geospatial World, Inpixon and its subsidiary, Jibestream, are referenced as examples of how the indoor location industry is maturing beyond navigation into analytics and big data. In particular, the article references Inpixon’s acquisition of Jibestream as an example of how companies are coming together to provide true indoor intelligence.

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2019 Hackathon: Building a Culture of Innovation and Integration at Inpixon

I’ve always been enthusiastic about hackathons, both as a participant and as an organizer. I believe hackathons are a great way to navigate new technology while promoting rapid prototyping and the ‘fail fast’ theory, wherein new ideas are deployed and tested quickly. I had already seen the benefits firsthand, both in university hackathons, and those hosted in past years by other organizations, including Jibestream. Over the course of 2019, the full range of Inpixon’s products […]

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5G is Coming. We Will Be Ready.

Inpixon has been a leader in wireless detection for over a decade, thanks in large part to our continuing investment in R&D as new technologies launch. We actively monitor industry standards as they are being developed and address them in our product development plans. As 5G is formally introduced to the mass market, you can continue to count on Inpixon to address the challenges and opportunities that are presented by these emerging technologies.


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Webinar: Innovating with Indoor Data

The indoor world has never been more connected. Over the past decade, significant strides have been made in demystifying the great indoors. Location-aware technology has given us better visibility and a keener understanding of indoor spaces and how people actually engage within them. Thanks to the data collected from IoT, mobile phones, sensors and other wireless devices, the problem is no longer a lack of indoor data. […]

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Is the Most Important Room in Your Company Really Secure?

Someone Might Be Listening

Mergers and acquisitions. Updates to rolling three-year business plans. New product releases. Company restructures. SEC filings. These are the types of discussions that take place in corporate boardrooms across America. The information shared during these discussions can be of intense interest to competitors, stock manipulators, disgruntled insiders, and other malicious players who can use that information to do harm. With the list of threats […]

Deter and Delay Is No Longer Enough: How IPA Can Help Focus Response Resources and Improve School Safety

Recent events have pointed out the need for new and enhanced approaches to safety and security in schools. While the truth is that active shooter events are rare, the reality is that every school needs to prepare and take steps to minimize the possibility of and the damage that can result from such an event.

Deter, Delay, Respond

Basic security principles define three major functions of a security program: […]

IPA Security for Corrections: Inpixon at Mock Prison Riot 2018

With the ever-growing problem of mobile phones being used by inmates, all Department of Correction (DoC) facilities around the world are working hard to find a solution. Interdiction and manage access solutions can control phones from a cellular perspective, but Inpixon can easily […]