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Acceptable vs. Creepy: Private Data Sharing Depends on Rewards

How many of you have seen Minority Report? There’s a scene where Tom Cruise is running through a mall. As he passes a digital sign, it shows him a strangely specific, personalized message extracted from his personal data profile. The first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, that’s cool”. Then I reverted to the emotional response: “That’s really creepy.”

But why do we feel that way?  Well, for one, we hear of retailers being […]

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Imprecise Locationing, Like Imprecise Baking, Will Leave Your Indoor Positioning Data Flat

Indoor Positioning & Baking
Be honest: You’ve misread a recipe before. Maybe the 2 teaspoons measurement was mistaken for 2 tablespoons. Or you accidentally substituted baking soda for baking powder. You’re then left with an unfortunate batch of flat, slimy cookies.  Not appetizing. The same goes for indoor positioning data. Forget the old age of Wi-Fi positioning. There’s a better way.

As with baking, indoor positioning requires precision. Take […]

Tech company taps into consumer behavior to aid brick and mortar stores

Published July 5th on REFI.

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Inpixon, a tech company that utilizes sensor and data analytics to help brick and mortar retailers promote a better experience for customers, is hoping to better connect consumers with bricks and mortar stores. “To make properties more connected with customers is part of the retail revolution,” said Souyma Das, chief marketing officer of Inpixon. “Amazon is an example of […]

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Retail 4.0: Reimagining the Modern In-Store Shopping Experience

Published June 30th on RIS.

Headlines of late have been littered with doom and gloom for brick and mortar retailing.  Storied brands have been closing stores across the country, and pictures of malls that look like ghost towns are everywhere.   Don’t be too quick to write off shopping malls though.  Thanks to some amazing technology advances, retailing 2.0 is coming to a mall near you and if […]

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How Brick And Mortar Will Leverage Data And Analytics

By Natalie Dolce
Published June 1st, 2017 on GlobeSt.com.

LAS VEGAS—“Omnichannel retailers’ operations staff is much more involved in making real estate decisions.” So says Dave Collins, EVP of portfolio management at InvenTrust Properties Corp.

He recently told GlobeSt.com that there is a consideration about the positive effect of new locations on the retailers’ online sales. Plus, he says, “the retailers’ own customer data, accumulated from both bricks […]

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Inpixon CMO Soumya Das: Retail Is Shifting — Not Dying

Published May 4, 2017 on GeoMarketing.

It’s simple to understand why indoor positioning can be valuable to brick-and-mortar retailers: By understanding when and how customers move about a store, brands can optimize their layout and improve marketing messages.

But Soumya Das, CMO at indoor positioning analytics provider Inpixon, believes that indoor location solutions haven’t gone far enough yet — and retailers in […]

Locationing Turns up the Beat at SXSW

Going on right now, in what many consider to be the strangest town in Texas and possibly the least “Texas” of all towns within the state, is South by Southwest. Better known as #SXSW, the annual event is a MUST for lovers of film, music, and interactive media. As the years progress, the festival’s schedule has attracted more and more from the digital world leading to some powerful combinations of passion and technology. For nerds […]

Sysorex Announces AirPatrol Contract With Top Mall Operator

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX), a developer of high performance analytics software and solutions, today announced it has secured an AirPatrol for Retail Properties managed services contract with a top mall operator.

Sysorex’s AirPatrol for Retail Properties product will be live in a marquee shopping center and provide detailed visitor analytics, including foot counts, visitor journey, length of stay, and other location-based information for the marquee shopping center.

“We are elated that Sysorex’s AirPatrol was selected […]

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Garbage in, Garbage out – The NFL and The Original Moneyball

“No one can ever replicate what the Cowboys did in the 1960s, they made it up right out of thin air.” – The Cowboys and the Indian

cowboysRecently, ESPN published a story and video about how a man made it in America. With a truly innovative idea, A. Salam Qureishi brought data analytics to sports, making the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys extremely successful.

A similar concept was […]

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