AirPass EnvironmentA massive earthquake hits Las Vegas and multiple casualties are rushed to the nearest hospital. As incoming patients go through triage, doctors rapidly assess their condition and prioritize treatment. In the craziness of the emergency room, patients could be misplaced without a precise locationing system in place.


Recently, Sysorex was showcased during ACEP 2016’s InnovatED emergency simulation. The ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) annually demonstrates innovative technology during the live CODE BLACK simulation which draws hundreds of people from throughout the conference into the exhibit hall.

AirPatrol for Healthcare and AirPass were used throughout the simulation to show the precise location of admitted patients. The locations of those holding AirPass were shown in real time via the AirPatrol dashboard on the large simulation TV screen.

Healthcare facilities constantly battle with keeping track of where not only people but equipment are. For example, expensive beds are often used to transport patients from one floor to another but are not brought back to the original location. Because the new floor does not inventory this bed, it may spend weeks forgotten at the end of a long hallway while the original location needs the bed back. Inventory nightmares, clutter, and misuse of resources can all be avoided with the right RTLS system(s) in place but when multiple RTLS systems need to be used for proper coverage, complexity skyrockets while the probability they’re used effectively drops steeply.

AirPatrol for Healthcare is a unified RTLS, or uRTLS, that brings together identification, tracking and locationing requirements in a single dashboard. Our involvement in CODE BLACK, alongside industry-leading healthcare corporations, revealed the AirPatrol and AirPass capabilities for attendees in real time during a scenario many know too well.

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