Company’s patented locationing system unites diverse hospital asset, equipment and staff tracking technologies together in a single management platform

HIMSS 16 Conference, LAS VEGAS – Sysorex (NASDAQ: SYRX) today announced the debut of AirPatrol for Healthcare, a unified Real Time Location System (uRTLS) that brings multiple asset, staff and equipment tracking technologies into a single, vendor-neutral administrative platform. With AirPatrol for Healthcare, hospitals can simultaneously locate and monitor assets and people equipped with three of the most popular wireless location technologies — Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular — with sub-room level location accuracy from one dashboard. The system also provides features such as zone-based alerts, DVR-like event playback, and the ability to interact with other healthcare information systems like asset managers, electronic medical records, and human resources.

“Hospitals have an incredible number of assets, equipment and people to track, so RTLS adoption in healthcare has really surged in the past decade,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Sysorex. “Unfortunately, because each of the wireless technologies used in location systems has its strengths and weaknesses, many healthcare facilities find themselves in the position of either choosing one that only solves part of the problem, or multiple, often incompatible, systems that can compound management headaches. With AirPatrol uRTLS, we want to eliminate the need to make those kind of trade-offs,” Ali said.

AirPatrol for Healthcare uRTLS features include:

  • Unified locationing of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular-enabled assets (medical equipment, ID tags, mobile phones, computers and tablets, etc.) from a single system
  • Real time device location and continuous monitoring on actual building floorplans
  • Precision location accuracy down to the sub-room level
  • Color-coding to easily distinguish between “known” assets/staff members versus visitors, guests and other “unknown” things
  • Enforce security and safety zones with real time alerting when specific assets/people leave or enter
  • Vendor and hardware neutral: Works with all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or cellular-enabled devices
  • DVR-like functionality to rewind and playback activity based on specific times, events, etc.
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party systems to provide additional functionality such as zone-based document access, asset management, staff balancing, dynamic security policies and protocols, etc.
  • Optional ZoneIQ analytics can provide advanced reporting and analysis based on traffic flow, asset-to-asset and asset-to-staff relationships, asset utilization, predictive maintenance, building occupancy, facilities usage, and more

Sysorex will be demonstrating AirPatrol for Healthcare in the Intelligent Health Pavilion #11655 of the HIMSS 16 Healthcare IT conference in Las Vegas, Nevada March 1 through 3, 2016. The product is available immediately.

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