internThe Internet skipped a beat recently when Disney posted a job listing for a “Global Intelligence Analyst Intern.” Looking for someone to assist with counter-terrorism, the post went viral and was later taken down.

“Wait, what?? But this is the happiest place on earth,” said the Internet. However, Disney is one of many big businesses stepping up their defenses for both physical and cyber attacks.

Amusement parks, retail stores and more have changed their business strategy to integrate the physical experience with the mobile or cyber life. Using precise locationing technology like beacons or zones, visitors can experience more than just what meets the eye with the help of their mobile device. Customization, assistance, special offers and push updates allow visitors to be more connected to where they are than ever before.

On the other side, businesses now have exponentially more information about their visitors. This data is collected from mobile apps, RFID bracelets, video cameras, web cookies, and opted-in loyalty programs and should be guarded like the Hope Diamond. Well-protected and extensive data can be good for customers (personal information is safe, each experience meets a new level of customization and relevance) as well as businesses (know what customers like and dislike, staffing problems resolved, increase ROI).

The interconnectivity (buzzword: Internet of Things) of so much around us can be a hint to remember security. Now, a cyber intern for a family amusement park doesn’t only seem like a great idea, but a necessity. The intern needs a team, and a good team.

The career posting went viral because it seemed ridiculous, but we will be seeing more of them as companies that seem to have nothing to do with cyber security or counter-terrorism find themselves worrying about what they cannot see. Big data analytics and real-time reporting offer enterprises eyes into the darkness and, finally, an understanding of millions or billions of data points.

If you have the ingredients but no recipe, you have nothing. It’s a relief to see big businesses investing in the mobile and cyber teams to cook up safety and success.