If you weren’t able to make it to Citrix Synergy last month, or if you did attend but didn’t make it to the Enterprise Mobility Management Pavilion, you missed the opportunity to meet with the folks from Sysorex, a new Citrix XenMobile partner.

Sysorex’s flagship product, ZoneDefense, is a security platform for wireless and cellular networks that can detect, monitor and manage the behavior of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices based on their location.

Sysorex is a great companion product to XenMobile as it provides context-aware intelligence to mobile devices that helps you determine security compliance based on the device’s location. For example, you might decide that a mobile device in your executive office suites require 1-factor authentication but a device in the parking lot requires 2-factor. Or, when a device enters an executive board room, Bluetooth and the microphone are disabled in that specific zone to protect sensitive information being discussed. With AirPatrol’s integration with XenMobile, the capabilities of a device will change based on what is most appropriate based on the user, location, and time.

Sysorex also offers a business-to-consumer platform called ZoneAware that allows retailers, resort owners, consumer firms and others to deliver custom content and services based on a mobile device’s location.

So, if you’re looking to provide security beyond XenMobile’s mobile device (MDM) and mobile application (MAM) management, you should take a look at ZoneDefense from Sysorex.

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