Fall-Inspired Success for Cellular Detection in Cells

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This past week, we sent our AirPatrol team to sponsor the Correctional Technology Association’s Annual Event in Daytona Beach (#CTA2015). Joined by over 30 other technology vendors and ambassadors from various prisons and other correctional facilities around the country, we offered two live ZoneDefense demonstrations:

  1. Live view of the CTA exhibitor floor’s active cellular and WiFi devices with <15’ precision
  2. Live view of an installation at an Indiana prison with cellular activity alerts

CTA proved their innovation in correctional event hosting by accepting our proposal to AirPatrol deploy floor-wide and monitor mobile activity with precision, much like their purpose in correctional facilities around the globe. Two days packed with interesting technology success stories and discussions of new ways to improve them brought crowds into the expo hall and many return visitors to our booth to witness AirPatrol’s cell phone detection.

A discussion led by San Diego County Officers on the collision of correctional technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) was packed with interesting facts. Correctional spending has doubled in the past 10 years and in part due to the growth and acceptance of mobility in the field. Probation officers spend 50% of their time at their desk (just imagine the paperwork) and mobility has not only improved this, but increased communication and allowed probation officers to make decisions in real-time. Partnering with mobile capabilities such as voice to text, wearables, location information and MDM (in this case, partner AirWatch was selected), the San Diego correctional officers have an advantage that was impossible only a few years ago.

Enter Dirty Harry; but now instead of just a gun, his tools include a smartphone, a smartwatch and glasses with video-recording capabilities. It’s a transformational shift in which mobile is the IT factor in everything from inside to outside the walls.

Cell phone detection in correctional facilities is hard. Inmates find wild and ridiculous ways to sneak in and hide cell phones (and other contraband), cell jamming can endanger both the good guys inside and those outside near the facility, managed access can be expensive and needs constant updating, metal detection is manual and can miss items, and the harsh RF environment changes requires creativity and innovation on Inpixon’s sensor layout.

Bad news: There is no silver bullet for cell phone detection.
Good news: We share a common goal.
The answer is clear: Layers.

Partnering with solution integrators and even some so-called competitors, AirPatrol is the most recent layer to cell phone interdiction in correctional facilities. A successful deployment in Indiana has caused a ripple effect that Inpixon’s precise locationing solution may be just what correctional facilities need. We don’t fix it, but we improve it and that’s a strong step in the right direction.

We haven’t blogged on the correctional industry before, but the support and interest we have received in the past year has shown this industry isn’t afraid of breaking tradition and accepting technology with open arms. The challenges of cell phone interdiction are fought on a daily basis to protect those both inside and out of the steel walls and Inpixon can be a vital part of the solution.

Interested in finding out more about AirPatrol in the corrections industry?
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