Event attendance at one of America’s largest one-day street fairs was measured by counting cellphones

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than 70,000 visitors attended the Carlsbad Village Fair on November 2nd according to numbers gathered by AirPatrol Corporation, a Sysorex Company (NASDAQ: SYRX). The figures, which AirPatrol compiled using technology that counts people based on the “pings” their cellphones emit as they move about, also provided insight into how people traveled through the event, which areas were most popular, and how long they stayed.

Held the first Sunday of May and November in the beachside city of Carlsbad, about 30 miles north of San Diego, the Carlsbad Village Fair is one of the largest one-day street fairs in America according to street fair consulting firm Kennedy and Associates.

To monitor attendance, AirPatrol used its ZoneAware technology employing small sensors that “listen” for the radio signals mobile phones broadcast periodically when searching for cellular or WiFi networks. Because more than 90% of adults now carry a mobile phone, these broadcasts offer a non-intrusive and highly accurate means to count people, measure the flow of traffic, determine which areas are most popular and other items of interest.

While AirPatrol’s technology has been used in shopping malls, at sporting events and other public venues, the Village Fair was its largest event to date.

“Because so many people now carry a mobile phone with them, there is an ever-growing variety of uses for our technology,” said AirPatrol CEO, Cleve Adams. “Understanding how many people are in an area, how they travel through it, and how long they stay is important for everything from retail and entertainment to public safety.”

Some of the results of AirPatrol’s event survey include:

  • A total of 71,717 unique visitors were counted between 9AM and 3PM.
  • Visitors spent an average of 41 minutes in the most popular areas of the fair with visitors between 9AM and noon staying nearly 30% longer than those between noon and 3PM.
  • Attendance peaked between 1PM and 2PM with 16,628 visitors in the central portion of the fair.
  • Only 42% of the devices counted were “smartphones” such as Apple’s iPhone or Android phones. 58% were standard cell or “feature” phones.

“Until AirPatrol provided the accurate count of attendees to our Carlsbad Fair, we could only guess as to attendance. AirPatrol provided not just a total number of attendees, but highlighted areas of maximum exposure as well as when it occurred. What a revelation! Now, whenever asked about attendance, we can provide a factual number,” said Kennedy and Associates Partner, Brian Roth. “We always thought we were one of the largest one-day street fairs anywhere and now we know!”

Kennedy and Associates regularly host street fairs throughout the year in California including Carlsbad, Del Mar, Escondido, Oceanside and more.

“The Carlsbad Village Fair was a great public validation of our technology,” said AirPatrol’s Adams. “Knowing that we can provide accurate counts and foot flow patterns for an event as large as this one means we can confidently pursue even more opportunities in busy public arenas whether they’re amusement parks, sports stadiums or huge public events like street fairs.”

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