iPad HealthcareOne of the biggest obstacles in cybersecurity is measuring its ROI, its effectiveness, its worth. This isn’t because the value of cybersecurity is in question but because it is difficult to hypothesize what the worth of a data loss can be such as someone’s personal records. This has changed a bit now.

A hospital mentioned in Forbes saw a ROI on iPads in just 9 days – a number so low that the CIO was worried the Board of Directors would think it was a miscalculation. The numbers were based on time and motion studies and how clinical workflow impacted labor costs.

Technology today is created to make our lives easier, more efficient, and protect what we care about (whether it be data, financials, or elderly family members). Apple was lucky to see this trend so early and now have a stiff hold on the majority of the tablet market.

There is not a lack of technology solutions out there but the healthcare giants cannot be switched from mono to stereo sound overnight. Although sometimes we can accurately predict tech changes a year in advance, the needs of healthcare are much bigger than consumer technology wants. As technology leaders, we need to prove we can help with a successful pilot of a combination of technologies that can efficiently solve the healthcare technology woes.