geofencingAlthough I was unable to attend the ITSEF 2013 (IT Security Entrepreneurs’ Forum) this week in Palo Alto, I read a review that hit home:

“Mobile security today resembles the early days of PC security in its need to understand operating systems and applications, and to apply low-level controls. But it’s different in that it deals with compact, complex software tied to an integral array of sensors and interfaces (cameras, audio input/output, magnetometers, accelerometers, etc.) that yield very rich data streams. Researchers are learning how to fingerprint devices based on geolocation or even physical orientation. “ – CyberWire 3.21.13

I couldn’t agree more. The biggest buzz words of 2012 and today include Consumerization of IT and BYOD, both highly integrated to ideas of location and cognitive mobile security. Indoor geofencing is taking off – just last week at the CRTC TechAwards, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of TRX Systems, Inc., Dr. Carole Teolis, won the Woman in Tech Award. TRX Systems has created NEON — a unique indoor navigation technology. With Inpixon Corporation taking home the Innovator Award, indoor locationing attracted more attention,

People, government and businesses continue to enjoy the ideas and empowerment of context-aware mobility. Being a part of this growing industry is exciting and we will be living in a completely different technology world a year from now than where we are today.