dimitri_alperovitchLast night on CNBC’s Investigations, Inc., Dmitri Alperovitch discussed cyber espionage with the hosts. CTO and a founder of CrowdStrike, Dmitri summarized the situation by saying, “There are two kinds of companies left in America that have intellectual property: those that have been hacked and know and those that have been hacked and don’t know it.”

The show series is taking an aggressive stab at the current state of American cyber security. Here is the introduction to the series:
Government officials are calling it the biggest threat to America’s economic security. Cyber spies hacking into U.S. corporations’ computer networks are stealing valuable trade secrets, intellectual property data and confidential business strategies. The biggest aggressor? China. CNBC’s David Faber investigates this new wave of espionage, which experts say amounts to the largest transfer of wealth ever seen – draining America of its competitive advantage and its economic edge. Unless corporate America wakes up and builds an adequate defense strategy, experts say it may be too late.”

We must protect our IP through continuous monitoring of all our endpoints (mobile included!) before it is too late and we lose the cyber race of arms for Web War 1.