On Physics and Champagne

On Physics and Champagne

ZDLargeToday we launched ZoneDefense, AirPatrol’s latest product offering.

As the first and only intelligent enterprise mobility solution, AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense continuously monitors mobile devices and alters their capabilities according to the situation. Government organizations and global enterprises count on AirPatrol to empower mobile worker productivity and protect the organization’s assets.

I wanted to share here some of my personal excitement surrounding this release and explain the stupid grin I have been carrying on my face all day today 😀

Back in the day, early in my Doctoral studies, I was working on designing advanced optical communication filters leveraging grating waveguide structures. Effectively I was creating and trapping a photon gas to allow for extremely unique optical filtering capabilities. Or in simple scientific terms – I was building “gobbledygook”…

Now to achieve all of the above I spent some three months outlining complex four dimensional equations (I used one extra dimension to be on the safe side), then simulated this equation set on the strongest computer I had access to (a Pentium machine… yes, I am old), and crunched out a complex semiconductor layered structure to be built by a partner in Germany. It took an additional three months before the device substrates arrived back at my lab, and another week of tedious calibration of the multi ton granite optical table and all of the laser
on top of it to line up the system for measurement.

Then came the day!

The first ever optical filter of its kind was placed in thesystem and the test was run. Sixty seconds later I had the results plotted on the computer screen – a perfect resonance graph in amazing accordance with my calculations. I just couldn’t believe it.

It was only then, deep into my Ph.D. studies in Physics that I realized that deep inside I didn’t REALLY believe this Physics thing was for real and not plain black magic

For me it was the first time that a physics theory I put in place, which was then used to build a real tangible object, proved that reality indeed obeys the rules outlined in the science books.
Imagine my astonishment!

This same sense of wonder returned to me this morning as we launch ZoneDefense!

I have been working on this product for the past 5.5 months of my life. Starting with a rough cut concept all the way to a fully baked, well-polished, gem of a product that is actually working. This was a 12 man-years project coded in 12 weeks of hard work. And so that same grin I had stuck on my face so many years ago returned to me this morning, and I can’t nor want to shake it away.

Either that’s making me this happy or it’s the Champagne we popped on the GA call today at 8:30 am EDT.

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